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A chef at a fine dining restaurant in New York City asks a Mexican dishwasher to find good tortillas.

World Premiere - 2019 Tribeca Film Festival (Special Jury Mention), acquired by                             

“One of the smartest shorts of 2019, the film is remarkable for the deft way it shoehorns into its plot so many contemporary topics: from superstar culture and the exploitation it fuels, to issues of cultural appropriation and authenticity. These themes serve to highlight the larger contradictory forces at play in immigrant assimilation to the US, and serve as a snapshot of the current state of the American Dream. Despite these heady concerns, the film is never self-serious though, as it incorporates them seamlessly into a straightforward and frequently funny story, full of setbacks and pratfalls, that is as entertaining as it is thought-provoking.” - Jason Sondhi, Short of the Week

Written & Directed by: Nick Hartanto & Sam Roden

Starring: Kevin Balmore, Elisha Yaffe, Arisleyda Lombert, Teddy Cañez & Richie Moriarty

Produced by: Nick Hartanto, Sam Roden, Jessica Braff, Holly Lynn Ellis & Clara Peterson

Music by: Adam Baker

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